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Why Refinance with GMFS Mortgage?

            Why Refinance with GMFS Mortgage?

To save money!

Whether it's lowering your monthly payments, building equity faster by reducing the number of years on your loan, refinancing with GMFS Mortgage could save you a significant amount of money. When you refinance, you often seek to replace your current mortgage loan with a new loan that has a lower interest rate. If you have other debts and want to combine loan payments, that is also an option with a mortgage refinance.


 5 Star GMFS Mortgage Customer Review
"We refinanced with GMFS and I will recommend Mark to everyone. We are also in the process of refinancing our rent house with a different lender (GMFS was not able to help with this one) and the experience makes me like GMFS and Mark even more. Mark was organized and efficient which I can not say about your competition. Thank you Mark, I will recommend you every time.  5 Stars"


 5 Star GMFS Mortgage Customer Review
"I used GMFS for my original mortgage and just used them again to refinance. They got me a great rate, answered any questions I had along the way, and got everything done quickly so that I could get started on the new loan. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.  5 Stars Read more refinance reviews

Benefits to refinancing your existing loan include:

Lowering monthly payments

You may choose to refinance for reasons that have nothing to do with getting a lower interest rate. For example, you may decide to refinance to lower your payments.

Paying off consumer debt

Refinancing may allow you to borrow additional money (a "cash-out" refinancing) to pay off credit cards or other debt or even to use the money for another purpose.

Combining monthly payments

Refinancing lets you combine two mortgage payments into one payment, hopefully at a lower rate than the average rate of the two payments. If for nothing else at all, combining your payments cuts the time you spend paying bills.

Changing the loan terms for savings or to build equity

Perhaps you want to ease the burden of making payments on a 15-year mortgage loan by refinancing with a 30-year mortgage. Stretching out your loan term reduces your monthly payments.

On the flip side, if you want to build equity faster and reduce the total amount of interest you pay, consider the benefits of a 15-year mortgage versus a 30-year mortgage, such as paying off your loan nearly twice as fast and paying significantly less interest over the life of the loan. Keep in mind that the monthly payment will be higher on a 15-year mortgage compared to a 30-year mortgage.

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 5 Star GMFS Mortgage Customer Review
"Stephanie was a pleasure to work with. She was able to provide multiple refinance options so we could determine the best fit for our situation. The process was simple and efficient from start to finish. We highly recommend Stephanie and GMFS. 5 Stars




 5 Star GMFS Mortgage Customer Review
"I had a great experience with GMFS in re-financing my home. After applying on Lending I was bombarded by out of state lenders, especially from California, that were really pressuring me to choose their bank and I started to really get annoyed at all of the high pressure sales pitches from some of these banks. On the second or third day after starting my search for better mortgage rate, I talked to Derek Dupuy of GMFS and I felt much more comfortable talking with him because he was in my home state of Louisiana and he was not pressuring me like some of the other banks. After I explained to Derek what I was looking for, it did not take him long to call back with an offer of a much lower interest rate than I presently have and within a day he put everything into motion. The process was very easy and everything has come together quite well and we are now ready to close. I would recommend GMFS to anyone looking to re-finance their home or finance a new home.  5 Stars"


 5 Star GMFS Mortgage Customer Review
"My experience with Susan could not have been better! Everything went very smoothly and professionally. I am so glad I chose her to do my refinancing. I saved money per month and shortened my loan! Great experience. I just wish I had more houses to finance!  5 Stars"


 5 Star GMFS Mortgage Customer Review
"Paul was fast, efficient and extremely responsive throughout the process of refinancing two mortgages. I couldn't recommend him more highly.  5 Stars"


 5 Star GMFS Mortgage Customer Review
"Initially, we were hesitant about refinancing our home. As an engineer, it is essential that the numbers work out more just a lower payment. With the excellent assistance of Max and GMFS, we were able to shorten the term, and lower the interest rate and payment of our mortgage. I highly recommend Max to anyone looking for a refinance or new mortgage. Max is very attentive without the pressure. He listens and finds a solution for your personal situation. Thank you Max and GMFS.  5 Stars


 5 Star GMFS Mortgage Customer Review
"Ryan and his team made our refinance as efficient and trouble-free as can be expected. It was great to work with the GMFS team during the process.  5 Stars


 5 Star GMFS Mortgage Customer Review
"Thanks to Mike for his patience and professionalism to get our refinance done. We couldn't be happier with him and GMFS.  5 Stars


 5 Star GMFS Mortgage Customer Review
"In all I would have to say the experience was excellent due to my fabulous loan officer. Now because of her.. I can move on with my goals. She provided me the upmost attention in my decision to consolidate/refinance. All though it helped that I had a good history on paying my bills. Now I can move forward. Thank You so much for all y'all's time. 5 Stars"


 5 Star GMFS Mortgage Customer Review
"great job helping me out to refinance my house  5 Stars


 5 Star GMFS Mortgage Customer Review
"My experience with GMFS was excellent. I will recommend this mortgage company to anyone looking for a home loan company. They went above and beyond with helping me to refinance my home. 5 Stars