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GMFS Privacy and Security Statement

This policy is effective as of March 27, 2015.

Keeping Your Information Safe and Secure
Highlights Of Our Commitment To You

We do not sell customer information to third parties. We do not share customer information with outside parties who we know may wish to market their products to you. We safeguard your customer information carefully. We are committed to protecting your customer information to the best of our ability in every transaction, at every level of our organization. We are committed to helping you protect your privacy every day.

You have choices about how we share your information with GMFS and how we contact you for marketing purposes. See inside for information about how to contact us and record your preferences.

This brochure includes the Privacy Policy for GMFS LLC. For consumer accounts, this Policy describes how we use and protect customer information. This Policy also describes how we use and protect information provided by individuals in connection with business accounts and loans (called "customers" for purposes of this policy). We believe that protecting your privacy is an integral part of the customer service we provide to you.

How We Protect And Use Customer Information

1. We are committed to protecting the security and integrity of customer information through procedures and technology designed for this purpose.


2. We collect and maintain customer information as part of servicing your account and your customer relationship. In the course of serving you, we collect information about you from a variety of sources, such as:


3. The customer information we collect is used to service your accounts and meet your financial needs. Information may be used among GMFS, as well as with authorized third parties (described in section 4), for a number of purposes, such as:


4. We do not share customer information with outside parties who may wish to market their products to you. We may disclose the information we collect to non-affiliated third parties that are acting on our behalf, or as permitted or required by law, including:


5. Your choices for information sharing and marketing.


Your preference will apply to all consumer accounts linked to your personal record. For joint accounts, any account holder may express a privacy preference on behalf of the other joint account holders.


Tips To Help You Protect Your Personal Information


Assistance To Victims Of Identity Theft
If you suspect that someone has accessed your personal identifying information, you should also report the crime to your local law enforcement agency and to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). To speak with a trained FTC telephone counselor, call toll-free at 1-877-IDTHEFT (1-877-438-4338). To enter information about your complaint into a secure FTC online database, sign onto The site also provides links to numerous consumer education materials.

Unsolicited Credit Offers
If you want to reduce the number of credit offers you receive, contact the National Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies at 1-888-567-8688 (1-888-5-OPTOUT) or visit for details. Financial institutions and other companies provide information to the Credit Bureaus for credit verification, fraud control purposes, and prevention of identity theft. You may direct these agencies not to sell or share this information about you for marketing purposes.

Customer Service
If you have questions about your account or would like more information about GMFS products and services please call us at 1-888-883-5774, or write to the address listed on your account statement. More information is available at You may also write to us at GMFS LLC, 7389 Florida Blvd Suite 200A Baton Rouge, LA 70806. This document applies to (1) consumers who have, or have had, a customer relationship or have made an inquiry or application, and (2) individuals who have provided personal information in connection with business accounts and mortgage loans; and where the consumer relationship, inquiry, application, or personal information is provided to GMFS. The policies and practices described in this disclosure are subject to change, but we will communicate any significant changes to you as required by law. The policies and practices described in this disclosure replace all previous notices or statements regarding this subject.